Toddler Lia Vega Dials Phone For First Time To Save Mom's Life (VIDEO)

10/24/2011 05:08 pm ET | Updated Dec 24, 2011

At two years old, Lia Vega had never used a phone. But that didn't stop her from dialing for help after she saw her mom collapse on the floor, reports.

When Lia saw her mother hit the ground, she grabbed the nearest cell phone and figured out how to call her grandmother, Bobbie Gonzalez. When Lia put the phone to her mom's face, all Bobbie could hear were some "gurgling" sounds, the Houston grandmother told the news network.

That's when she dialed 911 who came to the rescue.

"She’s been wearing a towel around the house, calling herself a superhero," said Larissa Taylor, Lia’s mother. "She's my little superhero."

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