10/24/2011 10:30 am ET | Updated Dec 24, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Expands To China, Isn't That Excited About It

Vivienne Westwood is not afraid to speak her mind, dissing the most beloved of public figures (read: Kate Middleton), calling New Yorkers "stuck up" and predicting Los Angeles' imminent demise.

So we're only slightly surprised that the British designer told Women's Wear Daily that despite her recent retail expansion into China, she's not all that interested in the country.

Westwood was in Shanghai this weekend to open her first flagship in the city, her third store in China. But the somewhat curmudgeonly designer told WWD, "I actually don't know that much [about China]... I have never really taken that much interest."

She added, "Normally, I would have taken a holiday. I would have gone to Beijing, which I have never been to because I might never come again, and if I am coming all this way, I would like to know something about the country."

If Westwood sounds unenthused about China, she's even less excited about people buying her clothes. Really. She said to WWD,

"I am not actually being disingenuous when I do really say stop buying clothes to people... The slogan is 'buy less, choose well, make it last.'"

In fact, we should just appreciate the fact that Westwood is even making clothes at all. Ever the martyr, Westwood said, "I didn't want to do fashion for at least 15 years, I did it because I was good at it and I thought it was my duty to do it... When you are very good at something, you want people to recognize it, and I will still carry on," according to Xinhuanet.

That's very big of her. Read more from Westwood at