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Carlos Slim, The World's Richest Man, Attacks Wall Street Bailouts

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By Robert Frank of the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street bailouts have been a chief target of criticism by the Occupy Wall Streeters.

Now another crusader has weighed in on the issue, saying Washington has given too much money to bankers and not enough to the mass workforce.

The crusader? Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man.

“The monetary and the fiscal policies, which are very aggressive, should go more to the real economy,” Slim told reporters at a conference in Geneva. “It’s going in some way more to the financial economy.”

His comments, of course, are rich with irony, given the importance of government to his own telecom’s fortune. And it’s easy for a Mexican billionaire, who doesn’t pay U.S. income taxes, to call for more government spending.

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