Casey Anthony Jury Names Released (VIDEO)

10/25/2011 04:46 pm 16:46:47 | Updated Dec 25, 2011

Following a three month "cooling off period," the Pinellas County Courthouse has released the identities of the 12 jurors and five alternates who found Casey Anthony not guilty.

Despite Florida's Public Records Law, Judge Belvin Perry Jr. called for the names to temporarily remain private after the decision, citing unruly public behavior surrounding the trial necessitating protection for the panel members.

"In a democracy, criminal trials should not, as a rule, be decided by anonymous persons," Perry wrote in an order issued July 26, according to The Tampa Tribune. "However, anonymity, at least from the media and the public, relieves pressure on jurors and protects impartiality."

Only one of the 12 primary jurors had voluntarily revealed their identity since the trial concluded.


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