10/26/2011 08:33 am ET | Updated Dec 25, 2011

Most WTF Halloween Decorations On Etsy (PHOTOS)

Doing Halloween right is no easy task. You've got to have the hilarious costume, the best candy and decorations that blow your friends away. Fortunately, there's lots of help; seasonal stores selling plastic cauldrons and cotton spiderwebs pop up left and right once fall starts setting in. Or, if you wish, you can shun the world of generic, mass-produced products and go a more original route by making your own decorations.

Then, if you think you've made something truly golden, you can go online and try to sell it on Etsy, the site for anything and everything homegrown. We found that Etsy has a treasury of awe-inspiring party decorations, especially around Halloween, but between the cute kids' costumes and elaborate pumpkin carvings, there are things that simply make you go, "WTF?"

We've selected some of our favorite Halloween decorations on Etsy that really miss the mark in one way or another. Vote for the funniest one!

WTF Halloween Decorations On Etsy