10/25/2011 05:35 pm ET | Updated Dec 25, 2011

Obama Jay Leno Appearance: President Talks GOP, Iraq, Gaddafi On 'Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

SAN FRANCISCO -- President Barack Obama says he's waiting until more Republican presidential hopefuls are "voted off the island" before he starts tuning into the GOP race.

During an appearance on NBC's "Tonight Show," Obama says once the field of contenders aiming to replace him is narrowed down to one or two, he'll start paying attention.

Asked by Leno about negative responses from some Republicans to Obama's recent announcement that American troops would be out of Iraq by the end of the year, the president replied, "It's shocking that they opposed something I proposed."

The president taped his appearance with Jay Leno Tuesday morning in Los Angeles before heading north to San Francisco for a campaign fundraiser.

Obama also addressed the recent killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, the end of the war in Iraq and the NBA lockout during his appearance on Leno's show. The full interview is scheduled to air late Tuesday night.