10/26/2011 04:08 am ET | Updated Dec 25, 2011

Painted Mystery: Herbert Brandl's 'Mazes of Symbols' (PHOTOS)

A haphazard description of Herbert Brandl's work might be 'abstract,' seeing as his forms are not quite recognizable as his shapes succumb to electrifying swaths of color. Yet abstraction assumes a distance, a detachment from the subject, while Brandl seems to take viewers closer to it.

His works have been described as "mazes of symbols," mazes which suggest infinite particular moments, memories and forms but commit to none. He somehow captures in a single glance the excess of a digital screen and the serenity of a Cezannesque Mont Sainte-Victoire. Different meanings emerge and are covered up again with each layer of paint; any sense of pictorial representation that can be gathered from the end product seems to have manifested itself in the final moments of the work's creation. An additional brush stroke could upheave the entire meaning once again.

In his dizzying paintings Brandl brings into painful proximity a lake, a mountain, sadness, blue, a desktop homepage, an 80's color palette and any viewer willing to engage with them.

Herbert Brandl's exhibition will show until November 12 at GALERIA FILOMENA SOARES

Herbert Brandl