10/25/2011 01:44 pm ET Updated Dec 25, 2011

Your Step By Step Guide To Doing Laundry

Does the thought of doing your own laundry freak you out? Is your dorm a disaster with dirty clothes flooding out from that swanky portable hamper you begged for? Are you walking around campus in all pink clothes because you forgot to separate lights and darks? If so, then this video will save your life...and by life, I mean your social life. Follow these step by step instructions to stay looking fresh and smelling clean all year long.

Laundry Tips
#1. Remember to check your pockets--you don't want to end up washing your iPhone along with your jeans!

#2. Stay away from bleach unless it is absolutely necessary.

#3. Don't throw things in the dryer that are prone to shrinkage (ie. Jeans and nice sweaters)

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