10/26/2011 05:24 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Chris Colfer On 'Conan': 'Glee' Star Talks Betty White And Halloween Costumes (VIDEO)

Chris Colfer dropped by "Conan" last night and revealed one unexpected benefit of taking his grandmother to the Emmy Awards: a face-to-face encounter with Betty White.

"I don't know Betty White, I've never worked with her really...and my grandmother sure doesn't know who Betty White is," Colfer says. After the actor's grandmother introduced herself to the "Golden Girls" actress, Colfer noted, "Betty just, you know, kind of made a grandmother noise and nodded," before impersonating the noise to the delight of both the host and the audience.

The "Glee" star also took time to discuss his award-winning, homemade Halloween costumes (in previous years, he's gone as a Venus fly trap and the city of Los Angeles) as well as the challenge of carrying much of the dramatic heft on what is generally considered a comedic series. "He goes through like a Meryl Streep movie of emotions on the show," Colfer said of his character, the theatrically tortured Kurt Hummel. "The selection I have to choose from for my Emmy submission...do I do the one where I was humiliated in front of the school for the comedy category, or the one where my dad almost dies?"

Watch Colfer's full interview with Conan below: