Prince Harry Shops At Walmart: Report

10/26/2011 06:33 pm ET | Updated Dec 26, 2011

We've talked about how the royals are, as Us Weekly would say, "just like us." Zara Phillips picked work over an extravagant honeymoon, the royal couple flies coach and the Duchess of Cambridge shops at cost-saving grocery stores and repeats that wardrobe like crazy.

But Prince Harry has them all beat. Us Weekly reports today that the British royal, currently on the West Coast for military training, shopped at...


"He did his own shopping at a nearby Walmart! He loaded his cart with Coke, pizza, bananas and beer, a witness confirms," wrote the mag (someone eats like a frat boy).

He also ate tacos from a food truck (a man after our own hearts) and ate a low-key breakfast of bacon and eggs, ringing up a bill of just $6.45.

We hereby award the Most Thrifty Royal Award to Prince Harry. Let's just hope he's a little more generous with all those girls he takes out...

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