10/27/2011 12:35 pm ET | Updated Dec 27, 2011

Amanda Seyfried Talks Guns, Boy Bands And Ballet (VIDEO)

Actress Amanda Seyfried stopped by "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno to promote her movie "In Time" and she admitted some pretty surprising facts about herself.

Seyfried told Leno she went to the L.A. Gun Club to prepare for the film to learn how to shoot a gun, and found it "stress relieving."

"it's very powerful. I mean these weapons are not meant for every day use, obviously because they kill people! But at the same time it's really amazing what you can..." she said getting flustered. " Recoils just blows my mind."

When Leno asked if guns were a turn on, the 25-year-old admitted with a giggle, they "kind of" are.

Seyfried stars opposite Justin Timberlake in the film and told Leno that she was really into boy bands when she was younger including *NSYNC. While she was never one of those girls who freaked out at concerts she confessed one stunt she managed to pull off.

"I did actually faked an asthma attack to get to the front of the concert, which is really not common for me," she told Leno. "I was really claustrophobic and I was packed in with all these girls and there was a VIP area just feet away from me. So I screamed to my friends who were like three people back, 'Do you guys have my inhaler? I don't know where my inhaler is!" And then some security guard heard me, and picked me up and then put me in the VIP section of a Jordan Knight concert thank you very much."

Fans of Seyfried learned a lot in the interview, including that she's building a ballet studio in her garage because she wants to get better at it.

"I always go to ballet classes in every city I work in and I'm always feeling really self conscious," she explained. "I'm not a good ballet dancer. I just want to work more on my posture and my turn out, and there are all these little girls in it and they would recognize me and I'd embarrass myself, and the classes here in L.A. they're all professionals. "

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