10/27/2011 12:57 pm ET | Updated Dec 27, 2011

Ann Coulter: Occupy Wall Street 'Ruining A Good Cause' (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter appeared on Bill O'Reilly's Wednesday show and made a series of intriguing comments about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Coulter was speaking about a recent CBS News/New York Times poll that revealed 43% of Americans agreed with the views of Occupy Wall Street. O'Reilly wondered how such a large percentage of the population could sympathize with the protests. Coulter said she believed it was because of how the protest was branded and inclusion of the name "Wall Street."

"In point of fact, these people are not against Wall Street," Coulter said. "They’re walking right past George Soros’ house and protesting outside Rupert Murdoch’s apartment. Well, you know, the name of their group isn’t 'Occupy Producers Of Products We Disapprove Of.'"

Coulter continued on this sentiment and said, "They say Wall Street. I agree with them and I think they are ruining a good cause."

She added that Wall Street was not behaving like the free market should. "Taking bets, speculation, risk taking — all of that is good for the economy," she said. "But when the bets go bad and they go running to their Democrat friends in the White House from Bill Clinton to President Obama and get bailed out by the American tax payer, that is not a free market." (There was also President Bush, who provided over the TARP bailout.)

Coulter added, "I think all Americans should be angry about that crony capitalism."