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Easy Refried Beans

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Easy Refried Beans

Easy Refried Beans
Frances Janisch
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total prep 266 calories/serving
Mix and match refried beans with other fillings or serve it alone. Any leftovers are great with fried eggs for breakfast.



  • Cook onion and garlic in oil in a large heavy skillet over medium-low heat until softened, about 5 minutes. Add beans, including juice, and tomato and cook over medium-high heat, stirring and mashing beans with a fork or bean masher until bubbling and thickened, 5 to 10 minutes. Stir in salt and cilantro.
  • Put beans in a wide serving dish and sprinkle feta cheese over it.
  • Serve with warm corn tortillas to make tacos.
  • Nutrition Note: the nutrition information for this recipe is for 2 tortillas and 1/4 cup beans.