Halloween Costume Extravaganza: Send Us Your Pictures

10/27/2011 02:06 pm ET | Updated Dec 27, 2011

Halloween in college is fantastic because everyone gets dressed up and goes to costume parties. Since it is not a 17th century anymore, those types of ready-made excuses to have a costume party are few and far between. We should take advantage of them when they strike. And thus, the moralizing of the day.

That is why we are begging you, dear readers of HuffPost College, to send us pictures of your best Halloween costumes. We will feature them on the site in a slide show! You will finally get credit for all of the grand ideas for topical Halloween costumes we know you have. Email your pictures to college@huffingtonpost.com.

Check out College Magazine's great ideas for Halloween costumes. Then tell us, what are you going to be for Halloween. Weigh in below!