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Tebowing Takes On Planking In Bid For Hottest Internet Meme Stardom

First Posted: 10/27/11 03:11 PM ET   Updated: 10/29/11 12:42 PM ET

It's the hottest new internet meme since email. It leaves photobombing, planking, owling, and all that other nonsense in the dust. It's divinely inspired. It's solidarity and satire all in one. It's: TEBOWING.

According to a Tumblr devoted to the phenomenon:

'to Tebow' (verb): to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Genius? Yes. Preordained? Possibly... though we'd have to ask Tebow himself.

Click through photos of Tim Tibow uh.. Tebowing through the years and submit your own Tebowing shot:

You've seen Tim Tebowing (below), now share your own Tebowing pics. Click 'add a slide' at right to submit your own Tebowing picture to the slideshow.
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