10/28/2011 12:31 pm ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

Laduree Fire Breaks Out In Paris (PHOTO)

Fashionistas love a hot trend or a hot model... but macarons? That's one thing you don't want overheated.

But unfortunately Laduree, the famous purveyor of fashion's favorite cookie, has caught on fire, according to CNN. Saskya Vandoorne of CNN's Paris Bureau tweeted a picture (seen below) of the Paris bakery up in smoke on Thursday.

Reuters also has pics of firemen milling about Laduree's chic green facade, likely attempting to quell the fire (but maybe just sneaking some cookies).

We hope for the sake of the pretty little baked goods the fire is put out soon... in the meantime, we'll relax over here in New York, snacking on our non-melted macarons at the new Laduree on the Upper East Side.