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Man Mistakes The Moon For UFO, Dials Emergency Line (AUDIO, POLL)

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A Hertfordshire, U.K. man must be feeling pretty embarrassed after making an emergency call to report a mysterious flying object, which turned out to be nothing less than the moon itself.

Or was it just a bad prank?

"It's not an emergency per se," the caller says to the dispatcher, "but there's something flying over our house. Um, It's coming towards me now, there's all this light blazing. I don't know what the hell it is!"

The call was received after 8 p.m. on a recent, unspecified night according to the Metro. The caller seems fairly serious -- even panicked -- but it's hard to imagine anyone could make this type of mistake.

However, once he's realized his astronomical goof, he makes a second 999 call (the British equivalent of dialing 911) and the woman who answers is not amused.

"You're not going to believe this," the man admits. "But it's the moon."

"Right okay, I'll look at that but we're really busy so I'm going to have to go now. Right. Okay, thanks. Goodbye," she says as he apologizes.

The Hertfordshire police department has posted the clip on its Youtube page, highlighting it as an "Inappropriate Halloween Call." Jason Baxter, assistant manager of the force communications room for the department pointed out to the Telegraph that even if this call wasn't made out of malice, it may have tied up valuable resources for a non-emergency.

Take a listen to the clip below for yourself and let us know if you think this was just a joke or if this guy really thought the moon was a UFO.

This call may have been a bit ridiculous, but there have been other, perhaps more viable sightings in the UK in the past few months. The sighting of multiple UFOs over London in June, were never confirmed (and could easily have been a hoax), but renewed conversation of extraterrestrial activity in Great Britain at the time.


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