10/28/2011 06:55 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2011

Ashley Brown, Atlanta Mother, Saves Children From Fire By Lowering Them On A Rope (VIDEO)

Attribute it to adrenaline or a mother's natural instincts. One mom's quick thinking when her apartment building caught fire likely saved her children's lives.

A fire on the ground floor of 23-year-old Ashley Brown's Georgia apartment building sent smoke into her third-story home. Fearing she could not escape through the front door, Brown decided to use rope to lower her two children to safety, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports. Neighbors below vowed to catch them.

"I tried to get my body out as far as I could out the window," Brown told WSBTV. "I held [my son] gently and I dropped him gently, and he landed just fine."

Her neighbor Lawrence Fort caught the baby with a big coat.

"I told her I promised her I would catch it. So I had to catch the baby," Brown's neighbor Fort told ABC News.

Brown actually attempted this three times, according to ABC. After her 2-month-old son and 3-year-old daughter reached the ground, she also tried to help her mother-in-law escape, but fire fighters and rescue workers arrived at the scene,

Footage of Brown's heroic act was captured on a cellphone video, but hers was not the only impressive survival story from the incident, WSBTV reports. People climbed out of their apartments "like Spiderman," and a cat survived a three-story fall.