Steve Jobs And Bill Gates: Simon & Schuster's Interview With Biographer Walter Isaacson (VIDEO)

10/28/2011 02:56 pm ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

Simon & Schuster, the publisher who recently released "Steve Jobs" Walter Isaacson's biography of the Apple co-founder, sat down with the author to discuss the 30-year "love hate rivalry friendship" between tech titans Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

In the interview, Isaacson calls Gates and Jobs "the two binary stars of the digital age." Both men were college dropouts who went on to found two of the most important companies in the world. But their personalities were wildly different.

Gates and Jobs often butted heads about how they thought tech companies should be run. Isaacson quotes Jobs as saying, "[Bill Gates was] a good business man, but he just had no taste." In the biography Jobs even says that Gates would be a "broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram."

Isaacson goes on to use Microsoft's and Apple's respective MP3 players as an example of how different the men's ideologies were. Jobs' integrated, perfectionist style fathered the iPod, which Isaacson describes as looking like a "little gem." By contrast, says Isaacson, the Microsoft's Zune "looks like it was designed in Uzbekistan."

Towards the end of Jobs' life, Gates paid a visit to the Apple co-founder's Palo Alto home, and the two reminisced for three hours. During that meeting, according to ABC News, the pair were able to share their mutual respect for each other:

"I used to believe that the open, horizontal model would prevail," Gates told Jobs. "But you proved that the integrated, vertical model could also be great."

"Your model worked too," Jobs replied.

At the time, Jobs remarked that Gates was, "happier than I've ever seen him," according to PCMag. This pleasant encounter would be the last time they saw each other.

Watch Isaacson's interview with Simon & Schuster (below).

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