10/28/2011 12:30 pm ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

Elderly Woman Kidnapped, Forced To Withdraw $9,000 From Bank Account (VIDEO)

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Police say a man and woman kidnapped an 81-year-old woman from a grocery parking lot Wednesday afternoon, forcing her to withdraw $9,000 from her bank account and threatening to kill her.

The woman was loading her car in the parking lot of a Jewel grocery store on 95th and Pulaski when she was approached by two offenders, one male and one female, about 3:15 p.m., Oak Lawn Patch reports. The couple allegedly told the victim they found some money, and asked if she could help them decide what to do with it. When rebuffed, they entered the woman's car, at which point the man placed a bag with an object he said was a gun against the woman's head.

The offenders told the woman to drive to a nearby bank, where she was threatened into withdrawing $9,000 in cash, police told Fox Chicago. The man took the money, instructed the victim to drive to another bank, on 95th and Western, but that transaction was denied.

The woman was directed to drive back to the grocery, where the robbers got out and left her unhurt, NBC Chicago reports.

The incident was not reported until Thursday morning, NBC reports. The offenders threatened to kill the woman if she told anyone.

"She waited until this morning because she was afraid," Oak Lawn Division Chief Michael Kaufmann told Patch. "It was dark and she does like to drive after dark. She went back to her safe zone."

The police have released photos and security footage of the male offender, dressed in a suit.

Anyone with information about the man pictured should contact Detectives Hudziak or Brice at (708) 499-7822 or (708) 499-7798. Information can also be left at the OLPD 24-hour desk at (708) 422-8292.