Matthew Herbert's 'One Pig' Radio Edit: Tracking The Life Cycle Of A Single Pig

10/30/2011 01:37 pm ET | Updated Dec 30, 2011

In honor of this weekend's creepy festival, we've rustled up the creepiest track we know: an edit of the album "One Pig" by British sound artist Matthew Herbert. Herbert, who most recently contributed to the soundtrack for Ridley Scott's "Life In A Day," is known for his ingenious harnessing of natural sound. Each track in "One Pig" is built with sounds taken from a different phase in a single pig's life -- birth, nursing, adolescence, even the final disturbing smacks of happy customers eating the little guy. For the slaughter, which Herbert wasn't allowed to record, he used a "pig's blood organ," a makeshift system of pulleys and tubes full of pig's blood, to approximate the sound. "One Pig" is currently available on iTunes. Check out a radio edit of the full work below, from birth to plate.


MATTHEW HERBERT - One Pig (radio edit) by Chapple Davies

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