10/31/2011 03:36 pm ET | Updated Dec 31, 2011

Meet The World's 7 Billionth Babies! (PHOTOS)

As the world population reached 7 billion on Monday, the U.N. celebrated by nominating a series of symbolic babies to represent the milestone.

Meet 5.5 pound Danica May Camacho. The Guardian reported that she was one of the symbolic babies born in the Philippines, and that Danica, which means morning star, is the second child for Camille Dalura and Florante Camacho.

"She looks so lovely," Camille whispered, the paper reported. "I can't believe she is the world's seven billionth."

Also among the officially nominated infants is Nargis Yadav, born in one of India's poorest regions, Reuters reports. Her parents, who make just over $100 a month, told Reuters that they want her to go to school and be successful, but aid workers said that this will be an "uphill battle."

While the world welcomes the babies into existence, the news service reports that some experts see the seven billion landmark as problematic.

"To feed the two billion more mouths predicted by 2050, food production will have to increase by 70 percent, the U.N.'s Food and Agricultural Organisation says. But climate change may be the greatest impediment to meeting this target, say experts."

Population Reference Bureau demographer Carl Haub broke down how we got here with USA TODAY.

"Currently, world population is growing at the most rapid pace in history," Haub told the news source.

"In 1900, we were at 1.6 billion. In 99 years, we flipped the numbers to 6.1 billion."

Whether the population spike worries or fascinates you, scroll through to see how adorable the world's next chapter is. It helps.

7 Billionth Babies