10/31/2011 08:23 am ET | Updated Dec 31, 2011

Are We Any Closer To A Pill For Male Zombies?

Female zombies have pill for long time. But male zombie no have pill and want pill for more brainstime with other zombie without scare of baby zombie.

Gates Foundation say male zombie pill on way for male zombie so they can brain all day no worry.

"Pill important for good time zombie," say expert zombie pill doctor. "With more way for zombie to prevent baby zombie, for male and female zombie, world better for braintime."

Female zombie say they want male zombie take pill so female zombie not have to rip entrails out of own stomach for con-tra-cep-tive pur-pos-es. More difficult for female zombie when male zombie not also help.

But male zombie must wait long time to take pill instead of crush head and eat brains for con-tra-cep-tive pur-pos-es. Could be ten years before male zombie pill is sold! Zombie man may be wet rotty flesh on ground by then.