10/31/2011 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 31, 2011

Top Chef Brains Pretty Good

Good news for gourmet zombie!

New Bravo show take brain cook brain make brain good brain. In New York, brain capital of eating world, chef like Mario Batali and Anthony Bour-braaaaain use only finest human brain cuts to make brain coulis, brain frittata, brain limonata, brain cobbler and more brain. Top Chef Brains follow brains for good brains to eat.

For zombie not seen "Top Chef" before, no worry. Padma Brainshmi and Tom CoLICKio talk talk talk at chef zombies with big voice so they run. Brave zombie chef use fire machine to sear and filet brains brains brains! Watch Zombie master slice dice chop mash eat eat eat eat eat eat eat brain. Zombie judge say this brain no good that brain so good.

Zombie no want miss "Top Chef Brains," the latest installment in a very successful BRAINS brains brains in mouth brains brains brains brains -- shiny television screen on right channel to see all brains on plates and brains in bowls.

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