11/01/2011 01:05 pm ET | Updated Jan 01, 2012

Family Holiday Cards: The Good, The Bad And The Awkward

Oh, the holidays. That, big chunk of time between November and January that seems to far too long, but sneaks up on us every single year. We struggle to choose pretty yet professional outfits for our office parties, stuff our faces with (hopefully) delicious food, and attempt to pick gifts for our kids that don't fall under the heading of "most annoying toy ever." And, if we are responsible grown-up types -- we send and receive holiday cards.

Off-the-rack may not be the way to go. Most people who receive holiday cards say they prefer something personalized -- the more generic the piece of mail, the less fridge-worthy it becomes. Instead, ranging from the enviously adorable to the hilariously awkward, family photos grace the front of our favorite cards (82 percent of them to be exact, according to a 2009 survey).

To get into the holiday spirit, we want to see your best family holiday cards. Looking for ideas? We've rounded up fabulous (and funny) examples from around the web.

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