11/01/2011 02:47 pm ET | Updated Jan 01, 2012

Jerry Seinfeld First 'Live!' Guest Host After Regis Philbin's Departure

Regis Philbin's last day on "Live!" on November 18 will be the end of an era. But the show is already looking ahead, and announced that its first guest host will be none other than Jerry Seinfeld.

Seinfeld, who has filled in for Regis before, will guest host with Kelly Ripa for the first week following Philbin's departure, from November 21-23. "Jerry is a great friend of ours, and a friend of Kelly's, and it doesn't hurt that he's an entertainment icon," executive producer Michael Gelman said in a statement. "It's a great way to kick off the new beginning of our show."

Regis and Kelly have tried to debunk rumors that the short list for his replacement was down to just a handful of candidates in September. Ripa will be trying out a cast of guest hosts — a lot like how Regis tried out guest hosts to find Kathie Lee Gifford's replacement.