11/01/2011 08:09 am ET | Updated Jan 01, 2012

Katie Holmes Slutty Pumpkin Video: 'How I Met Your Mother' Halloween Episode Airs (VIDEO)

Ten years, seven seasons, a whole lot of pining and a furious amount of promotion later, the Slutty Pumpkin finally made her "How I Met Your Mother" debut on Monday night.

And, for Ted, it was pretty anticlimactic.

A one night love lost at a Halloween party ten years ago, Ted has been mourning the what-if since the first season of HIMYM. In Monday night's episode, he finally ran into the woman they call the Slutty Pumpkin (because, of course, she was wearing a pumpkin costume) and rekindled that love, grabbing hold of her gorgeous gourd for all it was worth. Which wasn't much, because by the end of the episode, it was on to the next could-be mother for the bachelor.

As he explains in this clip, Ted really likes the idea of his pumpkin lady friend, but the actual girl, not so much. But letting go is hard, especially after a decade of wondering "what if," and so the breakup, as it were, didn't quite so smoothly as our intrepid narrator had intended.