11/01/2011 11:26 am ET | Updated Jan 01, 2012

Kevin Durant Plays Flag Football At Oklahoma State (VIDEO)

Kevin Durant has certainly been among basketball's best ambassadors during the long NBA lockout, which reached 124 days on Tuesday. The Oklahoma City Thunder star has been dominating in countless summer league and charity games, starring in new commercials and even spreading the hoops gospel with new tattoos. Now, we can add flag football to his list of goodwill missions

Durant was bored on Monday evening and decided to tweet about it, asking his followers if anyone was playing flag football in Oklahoma City. One follower named George Overbey tweeted back at him, inviting Durant to play with his team Sigma Nu in nearby Stillwater at Oklahoma State.

As it does, the news spread lightning fast on Twitter. All of the sudden, the two-time NBA scoring champ was running around playing football with a bunch of college students in a No. 35 Sigma Nu jersey.

According to Thunder Rumblings, Durant threw an interception on his first pass attempt and a touchdown for his second.

Sarah McCubbin, a friend of Overbey’s, said there were at least 500 people watching by the end of the game.

Durant stayed for a little while after the game ended, took pictures and signed autographs. Later in the night, he thanked Overbey on Twitter for inviting him.

The NBA All-Star accomplished one more thing by the end of the night - making LeBron James jealous.