11/01/2011 12:09 pm ET Updated Jan 01, 2012

Aaron Deon Kinsey: Portland, Ore. Suspect Falls Through Ceiling

In the Pacific Northwest, when it rains, it pours -- including criminals.

Police say that a man hiding from them in an attic fell through the ceiling and into their hands, ending a tense standoff that put a Portland neighborhood on lockdown Halloween morning, KPTV reports.

A house teeming with 10 children and several adults was the site of a standoff that began with emergency calls claiming that an intoxicated man had threatened his relatives, The Oregonian says.

Initial reports circulated that people were injured from shattered windows and police urged neighbors to remain indoors because they believed there was a man with a gun lurking in the area, according to KPTV.

Aaron Deon Kinsey, the suspect, barricaded himself in the attic. Police determined that Kinsey wasn't a threat, so they began to leave the house, the Associated Press says. But as they exited, they heard a loud crashing noise which turned out be Kinsey, 21, falling through the ceiling and landed, uninjured, on the living room floor.

Kinsey was charged with harassment and fourth-degree assault, both domestic violence charges.