San Francisco Halloween: Best Costumes Of 2011 (PHOTOS)

11/01/2011 01:24 pm ET | Updated Jan 01, 2012

From Occupy protesters to mariachi band members to Brian Wilsons, San Francisco was represented this Halloween.

While partyrockers crowded the city on Saturday night, stretching the toll plaza line clear to Richmond, plenty of San Franciscans took to the streets on Monday for trick-or-treating, Thriller flash mobs and zombie-theme Occupy San Francisco marches.

Sadly, the Castro's annual street party remained an urban legend (the historically popular party was banned in 2007 after years of shootings and violence), but revelers in elaborate costumes still crawled from bar to club.

In the Embarcadero at Justin Herman Plaza, Occupy SFers dressed as fat cats, Obama puppets and corporate zombies as they marched through the streets in protest. According to Mission Local, protester Steve Manchester dressed as someone who had been stabbed in the back, to represent how he feels as a 31-year employee for the postal service.

Leave it to San Francisco to make Halloween personal.

Check out a few of our favorite costumes below and then submit your own for our slideshow: