11/02/2011 07:50 pm ET Updated Jan 02, 2012

Brittany Norwood Guilty: Jury Deliberates For One Hour In Lululemon Murder Case

WASHINGTON -- A Montgomery County jury on Wednesday evening took about one hour to find Brittany Norwood guilty of first-degree murder in the brutal killing of her co-worker at Bethesda's Lululemon yoga shop in March, according to Patch.

The guilty verdict concludes an emotional trial that began on Oct. 24 and an intense day in court where the county medical examiner in testified that Jayna Murray was alive when she suffered at least 331 wounds in the store in the well-to-do Maryland suburb.

"She had a pulse, she had a blood pressure, she was bleeding into the wounds -- she was alive," the medical examiner, Mary Ripple said, according to Patch.

During the trial, the defense tried to argue that Norwood "lost it" after Murray confronted her about stealing items from the store. Crime scene investigators found a variety of weapons found in the blood-soaked store used to kill Murray, including a hammer and wrench.

After closing arguments, Judge Robert Greenberg cleared the courtroom about 6 p.m. The trial has featured a slate of prosecution witnesses, including Apple store employees who said they heard a violent confrontation coming from the store next door but did not call police to investigate.

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