Joe Scarborough: Herman Cain Getting 'Free Walk' On Foreign Policy (VIDEO)

11/02/2011 03:37 pm ET | Updated Jan 02, 2012

The "Morning Joe" roundtable alleged that the national media has been too soft on Herman Cain's foreign policy chops.

Joe Scarborough led the charge on Wednesday, highlighting the gaps in the GOP frontrunner's knowledge about China's nuclear weapons. He wanted to know why the media hasn't been as tough on Cain as on Sarah Palin.

"Can you imagine what would happen if Sarah Palin had made this sort of mistake and why is it that people like Sarah Palin get absolutely destroyed, as most Democratic candidates would," he asked, "and yet Herman Cain makes these mistakes one day after another and he just keeps sailing through?"

Simiarly, Willie Geist pointed out Cain's flubs on Uzbekistan and the Palestinian right-of-return, and suggested that his lack of foreign policy knowledge has become an "odd source of pride." MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell also chimed in, saying that Cain's top spot in the polls "says something about us, frankly, in the media."

For comparison, Scarborough pointed to Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson, and the ensuing debate about whether she knew what the Bush doctrine was. "She looks like Averell Harriman compared to Herman Cain and I mean it," he insisted. "Sarah Palin could absolutely take down Herman Cain in a foreign policy Jeopardy contest right now."

"Sarah Palin would have been massacred by the national media and I just don't know why Herman Cain is getting a free walk, not only by the national media, but by Republicans."


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