11/02/2011 05:34 pm ET | Updated Jan 02, 2012

Yakini The Gorilla Goes To The Doctor (PHOTOS)

He wasn't 800 pounds, but medical experts at the Melbourne Zoo recently found themselves with a gorilla in the room.

Yakini, who reportedly weighs close to 245 pounds, received a check-up from vets on Oct. 28.

Animal experts sedated the 12-year-old ape and gave him a thorough examination -- even clipping his nails -- before moving him to a new exhibit at the Werribee Open Range Zoo, near Melbourne.

This isn't Yakini's first trip to the doctor.

When the infant ape was birthed by Caesarean section in November, 1999, he wasn't breathing and his heart was hardly beating, according to The Daily Mail.

Placed under close watch by veterinarians, Yakini managed to pull through, capturing the world's attention in the process.

The gorilla matured into a popular fixture in his enclosure in the Melbourne Zoo -- but he might be best known for the time he spent outside of it.

In 2009, Yakini climbed out of his enclosure using a palm frond and briefly escaped. He strolled around the zoo while officials herded visitors into a gift shop to keep them safe, according to The Courier Mail.

Zookeepers reportedly shot Yakini with a tranquilizer and returned him to his enclosure.

In his latest move, Yakini won't be alone. His half-brother, Ganyeka, and his silverback father, Motaba, were also shipped in crates by truck to their new enclosure, which opens to the public on Nov. 7.

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