11/03/2011 01:57 pm ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

5 Reasons You Don't Miss Your 20s When They're Over

People tend to look back on their youth with rose colored glasses, which is fine because if you lived your life without the ability to filter out every little shitty thing that happened to you, you'd go insane. But there is this weird thing with your early 20s, where Hollywood portrays them as the fastest, wildest, road-trippingest years of your life... but in the real world it's the age when suicide rates suddenly double.

So which is it? Are these the years everyone looks back on fondly? Or some of the hardest times of your life? Well, I've been out of my 20s for nearly a decade and I gotta say, that period when TV says you should be care-free and playing wacky fraternity pranks on your buds? From my experience, those rose colored glasses just show me rose colored turds. Mainly because...


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