11/03/2011 05:56 pm ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

Bimal Chanda, Bronx Father, Dies Days After Two Men Beat Him For $15

Police are searching for two men who fatally beat a Bronx father to death-- all for a measly $15.

On Saturday, Bimal Chanda, 59, was in the process of moving out the Fordham apartment he had shared with his wife and child for over 20 years when he went out to buy some packing tape. On his return, two men followed him into his building, and up a staircase where they hit him over the head with a metal object.

The two men, police tell CBS News, took $15 out of Chanda's pocket before running away.

Chanda, a retired cab driver and native of Calcutta, India, was rushed to St. Barnabas hospital where he died early Wednesday morning. His family held a funeral Thursday.

"He had no enemies," family friend Mohammed Solaiman Ali told The New York Post. "He wanted to do a lot of good things for the community."

Ali also tells The Post Chanda wanted to start a nonprofit to fight unemployment in the Bronx.

The Chanda family was moving out of a neighborhood they thought had become too dangerous.

"I am constantly looking over my shoulder," Osvaldo Delabra, a neighbor, told CBS News. "Sometimes you’re even afraid if somebody's coming into the building right behind."