11/03/2011 08:19 am ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

10 Healthy Breakup Dos and Don'ts

It's been a big week for breakups.

First there was Kim Kardashian, whose connubial bliss fizzled after 72 measly days, then there was Zooey Deschanel who recently split from her husband of two years.

Say what you will about the former's situation (or about the broader trends in celebs' blink-and-they're-over relationships) but breakups can be brutal. Kim's momager Kris Kardashian recently visited "The View" to say just how difficult the split has been on the family as a whole, as well as for her daughter.

Yet despite the myriad difficulties and sorrows splitting up can unleash and inspire, it doesn't have to become a bad time for you, health-wise. For our list of healthy ways to cope in the aftermath of a recently-terminated relationship, as well as the unhealthy moves you should avoid, read on.

10 Healthy Break-Up Dos And Don'ts