11/03/2011 01:01 pm ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

Iconic Tourist Attractions Then And Now (PHOTOS)

Icons stay iconic for precisely as long as everyone agrees that they're icons. Eventually the "must-see" becomes the "if you have time" and soon everyone is having their picture taken in front of some new construction. Such is the unattractive life of an attraction.

Predicting obsolescence isn't easy, just ask the Beeper King, but sometimes it is possible to make an educated guess about what the new icons will be in a decade or two. The Arc de Triomphe may be the world champ of arches now, but it has an outsized contender in the form of Beijing's CCTV Tower that could, and likely will, take its belt.

Versailles, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Leaning Tower and even the Statue of Liberty are facing challenges from upstart attractions in each of their respective fields. No longer can postcard cover girls rest on their laurels.

Here are ten famous attractions that were the toast of travelers and the amazing destinations that may take their place. The Eiffel Tower was so last year.

Tourism Icons Then & Now