11/03/2011 01:50 pm ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

Martha Stewart To Jay Leno: 'Jay, I Like Men Like You' (VIDEO)

Ever wonder about the type of guy that could make Martha Stewart go weak in the knees? Yeah, we didn't really either.

Nonetheless, things got oddly steamy on Jay Leno's show Wednesaday night when the "Tonight Show" host interviewed Stewart.

Leno asked Stewart why her favorite time to entertain was the morning. She attributed it to the delightful nature of breakfast in bed, and then basically handed Leno his next round of jokes on a silver platter.

Leno said that he would like to have breakfast in bed sometime. Stewart responded "call me up anytime. I'll make you the best... you ever did have."

"Will you be there?" Leno asked. "Of course! I can't make it if I'm not there!" Stewart said.

Leno said he was "alluding to something else," and asked Stewart more about her romantic life.

He asked the domestic goddess how young a man she would date. Stewart laughed at the cougar concept and said "Jay, I like men like you." Okay then!