Reince Priebus: Herman Cain Scandal Won't Hurt GOP's 2012 Chances, RNC Isn't 'Sherlock Holmes'

11/03/2011 10:02 am ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

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WASHINGTON -- The Republican Party chairman is asserting the controversy surrounding Herman Cain isn't harming the party's chances to defeat Barack Obama.

Reince Priebus said he doesn't know "what's true and what's not" about the crossfire between the Cain and Rick Perry campaigns over revelations of sexual harassment allegations against Cain. In an interview with NBC's "Today" show, Priebus said it's not his job to be the "referee in here."

The chairman said the Cain controversy is a fleeting thing and that "this issue and other issues are going to come and go." Asked about the Cain-Perry matter, Priebus said the Republican National Committee is "not the Sherlock Holmes of the presidential primary field."

When asked if the Perry campaign blaming Romney for the Cain scandal would add to the controversy, Priebus denied knowing that finger-pointing had even taken place, according to Politico.

"I didn't even know that, so you're telling me information. So there you go," Priebus said.

Priebus insisted that "I'm not going to get in the middle of" the sexual harassment ordeal and said the issue is that people want change.

Though the chairman denied that the Cain scandal would tarnish the GOP, he has addressed Perry's recent focus on birtherism as "a big distraction" for Republicans, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

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