11/03/2011 01:14 pm ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

Rent The Runway Debuts Chanel Accessories Just In Time For The Holidays

'Tis the season for holiday gatherings, parties and galas!

But as the invitations start piling up, so are your worries about what to you'll wear. Never fear, Rent The Runway is here.

The online boutique is the premiere destination for fashion forward gals looking to rent designer dresses for next to nothing. You can indulge in 145 designers and 20,000 dresses at up to 90% off their retail prices. Yes please!

And just in time for the holidays RTR has teamed up with the vintage store What Goes Around Comes Around to offer its stylish shoppers Chanel accessories.

If you've always dreamed of carrying a quilted Chanel purse or flashing a pair of double-C earrings, now is your chance. Prices range from $100 to rent a pair of earrings (retailing $1,210) to $350 to rent a handbag (retailing $3,850). Rental periods last four to eight days. Just enough to flaunt your finds!

Sure, that's still a bit pricey--but if you've always wanted to splurge on a Chanel accessory, shouldn't you test one out to see if it's worth the dough?

Here's a look at the amazing vintage Chanel items available to rent.