11/03/2011 06:50 pm ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

Tracy Edwards, Survivor Of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer, Charged With Murder (VIDEO)

Tracy Edwards, who escaped the house of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in 1991, now faces charges of murder.

The 52-year-old allegedly pushed a man off a Milwaukee bridge in July. Edwards pleaded not guilty to initial charges of first-degree recklessly endangering safety, according to CBS News. Edwards' charges were upgraded to reckless homicide. He is due in court on Friday.

Timothy Carr, who was also spotted at the scene, pleaded guilty to the initial charges, according to ABC. A witness told police he or she saw both men push the victim into the water.

Edwards had been homeless at the time of the incident. If convicted, Edwards could face up to 60 years in prison, ABC reports.

In 1991, Edwards led police to Dahmer, after escaping the serial killer's house. Dahmer confessed to slaying 17 people, the New York Times reports; Edwards was his last-intended victim. Dahmer was killed in prison in 1994.

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