11/04/2011 06:17 pm ET | Updated Jan 04, 2012

Line Of Cars Mysteriously Smashed In Columbia Heights

WASHINGTON -- A speeding SUV smashed a line of cars on a Columbia Heights street in the wee hours of Friday morning and the Metropolitan Police Department, according to WUSA-TV/9News, is in the process of identifying a suspect.

A witness tells WJLA-TV/ABC7 that the incident on the 1000 block of Euclid Street NW apparently started when the driver of the suspected vehicle tried to parallel park:

The car "side swiped one -- I guess he was going so fast he couldn't get everything together and it just went boom, boom, boom, boom,” said neighbor Donnie Norris.

According to MPD public information officer Tisha Gant, via WUSA:

"Early Friday morning a suspect travelling in a vehicle on the 1000 block of Euclid Street NW, collided with several parked vehicles and fled the scene on foot without making his identity known. Police are in the process of determining the identity of the suspect and would be issuing a warrant for his arrest soon."

WUSA9 has 57 images of the smashed cars on its website in a photo gallery.

DCist joked that the cars were smashed by ghosts.