11/04/2011 09:07 am ET | Updated Jan 04, 2012

Daphne Guinness: I Don't Use A Mirror To Do My Makeup

When it comes to living a high maintenance life, Daphne Guinness is in a class of her own.

We are in awe of the socialite-cum-artist's commitment to living an elegant, artistically fulfilling and visually stunning life -- she wears the highest shoes we've ever seen outside of a Lady Gaga concert; chooses art over food (perhaps unwisely); and is willing to deal with serious discomfort for the sake of beauty (although she claims the outrageously tall shoes are, in fact, quite comfy).

But Daphne proved she is, indeed, human in a recent Women's Wear Daily interview, which caught the fashion icon at her new F.I.T. exhibit.

The heiress told WWD that despite the eccentric outfits and public displays,

"I'm always myself. But I'm not very good in crowds. I don't really think of myself. I don't like to look at myself in the mirror, which is why my eye makeup is always crooked."

Yes, but crooked in the most deliberate, I-meant-for-these-to-be-raccoon-eyes way possible. Because from Daphne, we'd expect no less.