11/04/2011 11:07 am ET | Updated Jan 04, 2012

John Elway Spotted At Stanford Game, Observing Andrew Luck Again

John Elway was spotted at Stanford's football practice Wednesday watching their star quarterback, Andrew Luck, during a "scouting" trip, First-And-Orange reported.

There's been much speculation about Elway's interest in Luck, who is by most accounts the presumed number 1 overall draft pick, according to Fox31. Elway was reportedly seen on the sidelines of the Stanford-University of Colorado game on Oct. 8, as well. Antonio Gonzalez of the Associated Press Tweeted this about the Elway sighting on Wednesday:

@ agonzalezAP : #Broncos VP of football ops John Elway is at #Stanford practice tonight. Denver plays at Oakland on Sunday, or could it be another reason?

Sure, Elway could be interested in Luck for the Broncos, we can't know because he's legally bound to not discuss any college football player still playing in college. And the Bleacher Report is quick to point out that Elway did go to Stanford and he may just have a general interest in watching his alma mater's football team.

However, the prospect of the Broncos getting a chance to draft Luck has some Broncos fans cheering "Suck for Luck" -- a controversial call for the Broncos to tank the season in order to lose enough games to help secure an opportunity to draft Luck, as ESPN reported. See, the Broncos are not guaranteed Luck, it all depends on how many games they wind up winning this season. The Mile High report discusses how this has Bronco fans in a bind -- fans want to see the Broncos win and many of those fans are also Tim Tebow fans and want to see him improve over the season -- but, if Tebow helps the Broncos win just a couple more games, Denver will be out of the running to pick Luck.