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Kasey Landrum, Gay Tennessee Teen, Suspended For Wearing Makeup (VIDEO)

First Posted: 11/ 4/2011 2:51 pm   Updated: 01/ 4/2012 4:12 am

A Tennessee teen was briefly handed a three-day in-school suspension after being deemed a distraction for wearing eye make-up on school grounds 10 minutes after classes had ended.

As The Advocate is reporting, 16-year-old Kasey Landrum, who identifies himself as gay, was issued the suspension from Lexington High School after being told he violated the school's dress code. “The principal walked into the school and immediately started yelling at me for it, and told me to get outside,” Landrum is quoted as saying.

Though the 11th grader said it was not the first time he was called out by school staff for wearing make-up, Landrum notes that another "punk-rock" student who had been wearing make-up that same day was not reprimanded. "He had it on all day, and I was like, 'If he can wear make-up, so can I.'"

Landrum's mother Shelly Maness is quoted by LGBTQNation as saying she was "very upset" about the incident. “When I went to register him, about the make-up, [Lexington High School Principal Steve Lindsey] reminded us Kasey was not to be wearing any,” she adds.

After the suspension caught the attention of The Tennessee Equality Project and LGBTQNation, Landrum’s suspension was reversed, and a new school policy allowing all students to wear make-up was put in place.

Watch a video report on Landrum's case below:

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