11/04/2011 07:40 am ET | Updated Jan 04, 2012

Kristen Stewart Punched Chris Hemsworth In The Face On 'Snow White' Set (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart promised a badass Snow White, and we're pretty confident that punching the God of Thunder square in the face qualifies.

Though most of the talk on her guest appearance on Thursday night's "Tonight Show" centered, predictably, on her upcoming new "Twilight" film, and the almost-R rated sex scene that will be discussed ad-nauseam for the next few weeks, Stewart was able to get in a little promotional tease for "Snow White and the Huntsman," the radical retelling of the old fairytale in which she plays a princess that becomes a warrior.

Chris Hemsworth, best known for his role this summer as "Thor," plays said Huntsman, sent to kill the princess but instead becoming her mentor in the wild, and while he is a rock of a human being, Stewart explains that she got the best of him with a smack, however accidental the move may have been.

"Girls, if you've ever wondered if it works -- it works!" she said. "I was supposed to miss him by this much. I basically knocked him right out of his close-up."

Maybe she just got carried away with the whole revenge thing?

"I wasn't initially jumping at the chance [to play Snow White] but she is one of the most heavy-handedly sincere, seriously doesn't let her heart cloud her mind characters," Stewart said at Comic-Con this summer. "Also, I get to have a sword and stuff."

Still, she should probably save the aggression for Charlize Theron, who plays the Evil Queen.