Fifth Ave Apple Store's Glass Cube Complete (VIDEO)

11/04/2011 07:39 pm ET | Updated Jan 04, 2012

Apple's flagship retail store in New York City has never looked better.

On Friday, the iconic cube outside the Fifth Avenue Apple store was reopened after a nearly five-month refurbishment, during which time the entire structure was removed and rebuilt.

Perhaps the most noticeable new features are the 15 large glass panels, which replaced the 90 smaller glass panes that previously framed the old cube. According to the Gothamist, Apple also installed new pavers and replaced the water drains around the structure.

The whole project is said to have set Apple back over $6.6 million, reports.

The renovation started in June, when Apple began deconstructing the huge glass cube facade that marks the entrance to the store, which is the fifth most-photographed landmark in New York, according to a study of Flickr photos by Cornell University

Check out a video from the November 4 unveiling of the new and improved cube (below). Scroll down to see a photo of what the cube looked like before the renovation.

WATCH: Fifth Ave Apple Store Cube On November 4, 2011: [via MacRumors]

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