Paterson, N.J. Police Arrest Tyree Seegers After Chicken Shack Machete Attack Goes Viral (VIDEO)

11/04/2011 01:58 pm ET | Updated Jan 04, 2012

Once the footage went viral, Tyree Seegers didn't stand a chance.

The 22-year-old surrendered to police in Paterson, N.J., on Wednesday, just five days after authorities posted security tapes to Facebook which they say show Tyree using a machete during a ruthless attack, CBS New York reports.

"We turned to Facebook for help," Paterson Police Capt. Heriberto Rodriguez told CBS. "Seegers turned himself in because he felt all this pressure from everywhere."

Police say that in the video, Tyree and two other suspects -- Omar Villota, 22, and John Gomez, 20 -- can be seen viciously attacking a man inside a U.S. Chicken Restaurant on Sept. 10, reports.

Authorities detained Villota and Gomez that night and charged the pair with aggravated assault, weapons possessions and conspiracy, according to the Daily News.

Seegers is charged with aggravated assault.

WARNING: The following video has not been updated with the latest information, contains violence and may not be suitable for some audiences:

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