11/05/2011 12:07 pm ET | Updated Jan 04, 2012

Twitter's Funniest #LiesThatAlwaysWorked Responses

Confess. Admit it. Come clean already: We all tell little white lies.

Over the years we've learned that certain lies (shall we call them half-truths?) work every. single. time.

Like when you're meeting your very punctual friend for dinner at a restaurant 20 minutes away:

Text from friend: Hey, just walked in. Where are you?

Text from you: Hi! I just left. I'll be there soon, meanwhile you're standing in front of your bathroom mirror in a towel, hair still dripping.

Sound familiar? Yeah, we've all done it. But it turns out there are a slew of other white lies Twitter users have used repeatedly as excuses or cover-ups. Check out some #LiesThatAlwaysWorked, inspired by Friday's trending topic. (Not that we're giving you any ideas.)