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Women Using Men's Razors: Dangerous? (PHOTOS, POLL)

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For years brands have sold us on the idea of his and hers products. Vitamins, soap, shampoo, even granola bars -- all are created in both men and women's versions, whether they need to be or not.

The shaving industry is especially guilty, with the black-bottled shaving creams by Edge wholly segregated from the lively Skintimate bottles on the shelf. The same goes for razors, and maybe for good reason. Cosmopolitan posted a short beauty piece about the difference between men and women's razors -- apparently, there's a sharp distinction (pun definitely intended):

We're shaving 18 times more surface area than men! The oval face [of a women's razor] glides easily, there are more moisturizing strips and the squishy handle keeps it from slipping -- and helps us not cut up the backs of our knees.

Fair points, but does that mean a men's Schick Quattro or whatever they're selling these days will not suffice? We highly doubt it. Does it have a blade? Does it have handle? As long as those two requirements are fulfilled, it pretty much works for us.

And the same holds true in reverse. We've previously written about EvolutionMan, a nail polish collection intended exclusively for men. Beyond the obvious question (how many men actually paint their nails?), we wonder: if men were to paint their nails, would they need their own kind of polish?

Then there are the products that need not exist for either gender -- below, behold several special "for women" products that were definitely unnecessary.

Quick Poll

Should women and men use different razors?

Definitely -- the shape, size and grip on women's razors make a huge difference!

No way -- it's just the companies' way of selling us more stuff.

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